Doing More Than Listen:

Preparing To Be Faithful
Faithfulness focuses on serving God.


Read - Acts 1-3
Memorize - Acts 1:8
Apply Begin a time of family worship once a week together around the dinner or breakfast table before or following the meal. This can be as simple as singing a song together, each person sharing a verse of Scripture that has encouraged or challenged you, and then each person saying a sentence prayer to the Lord.

Which Will You Follow?
People either follow God or their own desires.


Read - Numbers 12-14
Memorize - Numbers 14:11
Apply - Invest time in reflecting on your walk with God over the last year. What can you do to draw closer to God so you can deal with bitterness, unforgiveness, and the inability to love self or others as God has loved you? How can you intentionally spend time with someone in your family, a neighbor, or a friend talking about Scripture together? Start a journal or include in your current journal things that you have seen God do, heard Him speak through His Word, or experienced Him using you in some way. This is a great exercise so that when you are discouraged these things can be looked back to so you can be encouraged.

Which One Will Receive Praise?
God calls people to praise Him and not His vessels.


Read - Psalm 127-129
Memorize - Psalm 127:1
Apply - Invite others to work alongside you who show an interest in what you are doing. Be willing to take more time to do things to invest in relationships with others to mentor and train them in the ways of the Lord. Seek out someone who can help you to grow and challenge you in your faith in Christ in the next year as well. Be intentional about preparing the next generation to know the Lord personally by including them in the ways you are personally serving in the church. Also, be intentional about learning to love God more and submit to His will more often in the coming year than you have been in this past year.

Which Way: Easy or Obedient?
The way of obedience to God is rarely if ever easy.


Read - Exodus 1-3
Memorize - Exodus 3:10
Apply - Apply the elementary teachings of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 each day this week. Record at the end of each day the responses to the following questions: 1) Why was it difficult to do this? 2) How was the day different from days when you were not consciously attempting to apply these teachings? 3) What did you see God doing around you or feel Him doing in you by striving to apply these things?